Why You Need A Buyer’s Agent


Why You Need A REALTOR®


Purchasing a home with Buyer representation can save you an endless amount of time and help you avoid running on a wild goose chase looking for homes that don’t fit your needs costing you time, money and frustration.

  • Barnett Realty Team knows the Triangle housing market inside and outside. Let us schedule the appointments!
  • We can help you purchase any home, even if it’s listed elsewhere or by the owner directly.
  • We have excellent sources for general information on communities, schools, places of worship, shopping, entertainment and transportation.
  • We are experienced with licensed and reputable vendors to arrange your inspections and surveys and future cosmetic work should you desire.
  • We are experienced at presenting offers to sellers and their agents. It is not always just about price. We make sure to negotiate terms and contingencies to benefit  you.
  • We coordinate everything from contract to close, make sure all deadlines are met and are your liaison between mortgage and title company, inspectors, appraisers and  surveyors, etc.
  • Our success depends on yours and we take that very seriously.



If You Are a Barnett Realty Team CLIENT (we HAVE A FIDUCIARY relationship) your agent will:

  1. Keep information about you strictly confidential.
  2. Focus on choices that satisfy your needs.
  3. Provide Material Facts as well as professional advice.
  4. Provide price counseling based on comparable properties plus their insights.
  5. Protect and guide you.
  6. Negotiate on your behalf.
  7. Attempt to solve problems to your advantage and satisfaction.
  8. Tell you all about the Seller.
  9. Pay full attention to your needs.                                          .


If You Are a BARNETT Realty Team CUSTOMER  (we HAVE NO FIDUCIARY relationship) your agent will:


  1. Maintain loyalty to the seller’s needs.
  2. Tell the seller all they know about you
  3. Focus only on the seller-client’s property
  4. Provide just the material facts.
  5. Only provide information that supports the listing price.
  6. Protect the seller.
  7. Negotiate on behalf of the seller.
  8. Attempt to solve the problems to the seller’s advantage & satisfaction.