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— Barnett Realty Team has great testimonials from our buyer & seller clients. With three generations of real estate expertise, we know the best moments happen at Home! —


We worked with Wayne both selling one house and buying a second. Between my husband and I we have purchased over a dozen homes and Wayne was the most responsive, detail oriented, informative and all around wonderful realtor either of us have ever worked with. The level of service we experienced with Wayne was unlike any other. He was available at anytime day or night and always went above and beyond to make sure that every detail was accounted for, including arranging for things that weren’t necessarily his job to arrange.

For example, we had a lot of trouble finding a very specific window part that needed to be installed in our house before selling. We were going to have to replace the entire window for a part that cost $4. Wayne researched and was able to contact the original builder of a community that was over 10 years old and find the missing part for us. This is one of many examples of Wayne providing superior customer service.

Another thing that stood out about Wayne was his dedication to finding the perfect home for us. When we first met him we were ready to move forward with a home, which would have been an easy commission for him, but instead of rushing us to buy that home he suggested we continue to look around. This ended up being a the best decision because we found our truly perfect home in the end and we are so grateful to him for guiding us in the right direction.

Wayne has our highest possible recommendation — he is the best!

— Anna & Douglas B./Durham & Chapel Hill

“Thank you, Karen … I’m Home!

Every morning, the first thing I do is look around my home and smile.


Because I LOVE my house!

I have lived in 8 states, numerous cities and towns, and dozens of houses during my life but I believe that I can honestly say that the house I am living in today is my absolute FAVORITE.   It is perfect for me –my needs, my wants, my personality, and my lifestyle.  This house felt like my home from Day 1 and even though I have only lived here for less than 3 months, it feels like my place of safety and comfort.

How did I get so lucky?  How did I end up living in my perfect house?

I had the BEST real estate agent representing me and helping me with the purchase.   Karen Barnett.

Karen not only took care of all the details involved in the negotiations with the purchase but she held my hand and advised me throughout the inspection period so that I felt assured and confident that my interests were being protected.

This was not my first real estate transaction and I am fairly experienced with how most real estate agents work when closing a deal.  Karen far exceeded my expectations as she took seriously the term “agent” and fully represented ME in every aspect of the process.

Karen is a real estate agent who cares about her clients and wants the very best for each of them.  It was not long before I knew that Karen was determined to help me find and purchase the perfect home.  I am so thankful that I had Karen and her expertise—she made it happen and now —-I am home.”

— Christine L./Pittsboro


“One Saturday afternoon, I was at a car dealership waiting for my car to be serviced. I was on the internet and saw a house I was interested in. I called the main FM number and was told an agent would return my call. The “lucky” agent on duty was Wayne Barnett, who called me back within 15 minutes. I don’t remember if we went that same day to view the house or the next, but he was eager to meet me and I was eager to meet him and start the search for my forever home. I also needed to sell my current home.

From the day I met Wayne, I felt like he really got me. He understood what I was looking for and he guided me through the process. First, I had to get the current home ready for sale. I wasn’t prepared to do have all of the work done that he suggested and I whined and complained but did everything he suggested. I continued to look for homes and periodically called him to express interest in seeing a home, but he would politely say, “Janet, we need to get your house sold before we can look for a new one.” I knew he was right, but I was anxious.

Finally, we were in a good position with my home – multiple offers, and he broke down and agreed to set up some tours for me. Again, he knew what I wanted and needed and would tell me if a house was out of my price range or located in an area where I didn’t really want to be. He dragged me to Mebane and I complained about the drive, but saw a beautiful home. I wanted something closer to work. We looked at a few more while finalizing the sale of my home.

After seeing lots of different homes, and having a closing date on my home, I told Wayne I wanted to go back to Mebane. With a big smile on his face, he agreed to meet me. I fell in love with the home and decided it was my forever home.

Throughout the entire process, Wayne was kind, never pushy, kept me focused and held my hand as we sold one home and purchased a new one. I have truly met a life-long friend and someone that I would highly recommend to anyone who is looking to buy and/or sell a home.”

— Janet B./Durham & Mebane


“We started working with Wayne Barnett of the Barnett Realty Team on April 1, 2016 who met us at an off hour on a Friday evening to see a house that “kind of” met what we thought we “might” would like. We just took a chance at calling the number on the box. Wayne was not the person whose name was on the box, but said that he would meet us there within the hour. When we walked into what is now our home we both knew that was where we wanted to live. Wayne was both professional and unassuming in his approach. He was quite timely and did what he said that he would do. Needless to say, after shaking on the deal we were able to set a closing date for May 30, 2016 – a little less than 2 months before our marriage! Thanks Barnett Realty!”

— Edward & Frances D./Durham


“Wayne was incredibly professional with assisting me as my realtor for my first home. He was very meticulous, prepared and has a great attention to detail when going through the entire home buying process. Wayne was always there for me to answer the many questions I had, and put me at ease knowing that he was making sure I didn’t make any mistakes. While getting under contract to build my first home, all the way to when I closed, Wayne made sure that the builder/seller was getting the job done. He really knows the right questions to ask to the seller/builder to prepare yourself for the purchase. I could not ask for a better realtor and I would definitely recommend him to my family and friends. Overall, my fiancé and I were very pleased and are happy in our new home!”

— Johan O./Rolesville


Wayne was very dedicated to helping us find the right home that had everything we wanted at the price we wanted to pay. As first time home buyers, Wayne provided invaluable insight and advice, guiding us all the way through from offer to closing. He was available 24/7! I highly recommend Wayne to anyone looking to purchase a home.

— Chris W./Mebane


“Thanks you for your wonderful and kind letter regarding our house. We knew going into the listing process that we were looking for an uncommon buyer. Regretfully, I have to tell you that we both would have preferred selling it to you but the offering differential was just too great. We really, really wish our finances were such that we could have sold you our home and we wish you nothing but the best of luck as your search continues. If the deal we have made somehow falls through, we will contact Wayne and Karen immediately. Purely as an aside, we did get to meet them briefly and were both impressed with their real estate backgrounds and professionalism. We think you are working with top flight agents.  Our best,

— Curt and Karen/Pittsboro


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